EIS Policies and Standards

​EIS Terms and Conditions

Please read our standard Terms and Conditions which apply to all work we undertake.

​Health & Safety

EIS has Tertiary Level ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices in effect. There has been no LTI at EIS for over 11 years. The principles and practices of safety and management are strictly adhered to by the team at EIS. A copy of our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Documentation is available upon request.

Quality Requirement

Design and installation is to be of a standard required by a permanent installation to AS/NZS 3000:2007.

Quality control measures will be implemented and updated daily with final checks completed at end of job according to EIS QMS system. A Customer Satisfaction Survey may be performed at the completion of installation.

Intellectual Property / Copyright

This document and any attached documents/drawings and the information contained within remain the property of EIS Group Ltd and their respective owners, and are issued on conditions that they are not copied, reprinted or disclosed to a third party wholly or in part without prior consent in writing.

Invoicing / Terms of Payment / GST

A tax invoice shall be issued to the client by the end of the 5th working day of the month. Payment is expected by the 20th of the month. All prices above are excluding GST unless stated otherwise.

Retentions / Bonds

Any retentions or bonds are excluded from this bid unless specifically stated above.


EIS has Public Liability to the sum of $10,000,000.00 and Indemnity Insurance to the sum of $5,000,000.00

Free Issue Equipment

Any equipment to be supplied “Free Issue” to EIS for incorporation in the works by EIS is accepted only under the following conditions:

  • EIS will not be responsible to delays caused by late delivery, or delivery in an incomplete or damaged form.
  • EIS will not be responsible for process performance issues relating to equipment not supplied by EIS, or where said equipment impacts on the performance of EIS supplied equipment.
  • EIS will not be responsible for compatibility issues relating to equipment not supplied by EIS.
  • EIS will not be responsible for any and all other problems associated with “Free Issue” items.
  • Any time spent dealing with issues relating to Free Issue equipment not specifically included in this bid will be charged at EIS normal hourly rates.

Availability and Accessibility of Plant

Any additional time occurred due to unavailability of plant for EIS to perform duties required under this bid will be charged at EIS normal hourly rate.

Materials Availability

Materials specified for tender are priced from available stock held by suppliers at the time of quoting. Should any additional charges be incurred at the time of order due to stock change or availability they will be forwarded at cost.

Site Works

This scope includes all work and tasks required to achieve compliance with all site personnel and product safety requirements and regulations. This also includes co-operation and assistance with the site personnel during testing and commissioning.

Extending Commissioning

Any additional commissioning over the time specified above will be charged at EIS normal hourly rate. Timesheets will be kept by all employees of EIS involved in the project and can be signed off by a representative of the client if required.