Machine Safety Consultancy: TNZ Growing Products

Machine Safety Consultancy: TNZ Growing Products

TNZ Growing Products – Invercargill

​The Client

TNZ Growing Products produces peat and bark products for wholesale to the horticulture and landscaping industries within New Zealand and Australia.

They recently relocated their operations to a new site, which began production in July 2015.

The Brief

Following the relocation of processing equipment, TNZ sought to ensure operator safety at their new plant.

Rather than waiting for regulations to be enforced upon them, they wanted to stay ahead of requirements and engaged an internal auditor to assess and make recommendations.

They then engaged EIS to consult, design and install solutions to meet these recommendations.

The Solution

EIS met with TNZ to determine their requirements and desired outcomes. From there we designed and installed appropriate systems for achieving these.

This included fitting emergency stop buttons to the dryers, hoppers and other machinery. Safety gates were fitted with an OMRON Slide Gate Lock featuring a special release key. Upon opening this prevents the machine being started while someone is inside the enclosure and locks open to avoid someone being shut inside. Warning lights were also fitted which alert drivers when someone is in the enclosure so they do not deliver material to the hoppers during that time.

Safety relays provide machine integration and a centralised warning system.

The Challenges

As with many machine safety projects, one of the challenges in this assignment was to ensure the equipment was easily understood and simple to operate, so that even when new staff are brought on they can quickly and effectively determine how it should be used.

Another key consideration was delivering a solution that was affordable, to ensure safeguards could be applied to all equipment, rather than a cost prohibitive solution which might require a staged implementation across parts of the plant over time.

The Result

Since the installation all machinery at the plant has operated safely and without incident.

What the Client Said

EIS has delivered straightforward systems that work well to keep our team safe at work. From initial consultation to installation it was a smooth process and all required deadlines were met.

Corey Hodges, General Manager

TNZ Growing Products