Portable Power Distribution Centre: McKee Power Station

Portable Power Distribution Centre: McKee Power Station

Forge Group Power, McKee Power Station, Taranaki, New Zealand

The Client

Forge Group Power is a business unit within Forge Group Ltd, which is a global leader in turnkey project solutions for the resources and energy sectors.

The Brief

Forge Group Power was contracted to construct and commission the McKee Power Plant, a 100MW gas turbine power station located near the small township of Waitara in Northern Taranaki.

They required a power distribution centre and switch room to take electrical power from one of three sources (two on-site generators or auxiliary supply) and distribute it to keep essential services running irrespective of which generator is on-line at any given time.

This switch room was to be central to the operation of the power plant so there was no room for shortfalls in quality or reliability.

The Solution

EIS designed, constructed, installed and commissioned a 2500 amp, 400 volt switch room to meet Forge Group Power’s specific requirements.

Our pre-fabricated and pre-tested design enabled fast installation and commissioning at the remote McKee site.

The Challenges

The design for this project was a new concept and there was a high degree of difficulty undertaking a complex control system. We also had to allow for client changes to the scope of the project throughout the design, build and installation stages.

The power distribution centre had to be built in two sections to be suitable for transportation, which were then joined together on-site.

The Results

Developing the power distribution centre and its motor controls in a controlled workshop environment where there was no interference from weather or other extraneous work made it possible to fast track the project timeline to meet the client’s required schedule. The power distribution centre was designed, built, tested, transported to site, reassembled and commissioned in just 15 ½ weeks.

The entire motor control centre was constructed, installed, tested and pre-commissioned inside the switch room prior to the entire switch room being transported to site, thereby saving hundreds of hours of on-site work and the significant labour costs that would usually be associated with carrying out this work in a distant and isolated location.

Working in this controlled environment also enabled superior quality control than would be achievable in an on-site construction situation.

What the Client Said

EIS went out of their way to meet every one of our requirements, including those which were still being added during the build. We are very happy with the service provided by all EIS staff and the quality of the result.

Mark Bastick, General Manager Engineering

Forge Group Australia

We received great support from the EIS team throughout this project; they really pulled out all the stops to meet our deadlines. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

Kok-Wah Yeap, Senior Electrical Engineer

Forge Group Australia