Hazardous Area

Electrical equipment can pose a significant explosive risk in many industrial operating environments. Ensuring safe operations in these areas requires specific construction and installation techniques, along with the rigorous application of a complete suite of standards.

EIS offers a comprehensive range of design, installation, inspection and documentation services for electrical equipment utilised in hazardous areas.

All members of our Hazardous Area team have achieved competency in AS/NZS 4761.1 and have completed recognised, accredited unit standards in their areas of expertise, including Qualified Electrical Inspector accreditation.

We have significant experience in working on both gas and dust hazardous area equipment associated with fuel oils, fuel gases, coal dusts, milk powder, paint spray booths and chemical processing and storage.

Design Services:

  • Area classification or ‘zoning’
  • Equipment selection and installation design
  • Entity calculations for intrinsically safe equipment

Installation Services:

  • Installation of field devices
  • Installation and programming of isolating barriers
  • Installation of suitable cables and cable glands
  • Installation of suitable isolation and identification devices

Inspection and Documentation Services:

  • Initial inspection of newly installed equipment
  • Compilation of hazardous area equipment dossiers
  • Development of periodic inspection schedules
  • Implementation of detailed, close and visual periodic inspections