Induction Stub Heaters

EIS has developed Induction Stub heaters specifically for the aluminium smelting industry, as a solution to improve operational efficiencies and workplace health and safety.

EIS’ Induction Stub Heater utilises induction technology to provide a safe and efficient solution for heating anode rod stubs during the aluminium smelting process.

This highly effective and efficient induction heater reduces the requirement for noisy and expensive gas heating. The embedded energy use is low due to the energy being concentrated and only used as required.

The induction heater also delivers health and safety benefits. The stubs are heated completely, raising them to a temperature above 105°C before presentation at the casting station, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of metal explosions during the casting process.

Each induction stub heater is custom designed and built to meet our client’s specific operational requirements. The unit and all of its components are produced to stringent quality and safety standards, delivering our clients superior results, reliability and ultimately, peace of mind.

Advantages of our Induction Stub Heater include:

  • Dramatic improvements in health and safety, achieved by significantly reducing the risk of metal explosion
  • Improved operational efficiencies, providing a higher heat in a faster time
  • Economical to run, providing a substantial reduction in energy consumption and thereby reducing operating costs when compared to gas
  • Reduced environmental impact, producing significantly less noise and air pollution than a gas heater
  • Reduced maintenance versus a gas heater, with no water vapour, flame impingement or other issues associated with gas
  • Provides consistency of heat penetration and better control over the drying process

For more information on our induction stub heaters, download our informational brochure.