Portable Power Distribution Centres & Switchrooms

Many of our clients operate in remote sites, where power distribution is a key requirement but getting the materials and labour to build anything on-site is a time consuming and costly process. Portable power distribution centres and switchrooms are a solution we have developed specifically to address these challenges.

Portable power distribution centres and switchrooms developed by EIS are custom-designed to the client’s exact requirements, then built, fitted out and tested in our factory, before being transported to the client’s site where we provide the final installation and commissioning.

These prefabricated units are the ideal solution for projects being undertaken in isolated or difficult to access locations on land or sea, or where tight timelines demand a more time efficient approach.

The units can be skid or platform mounted to LV, MV (3.3kV - 11kV) or HV (>11kV) specifications.

All distribution centres and the motor controls housed within them are built to stringent quality and safety standards, delivering our clients superior results and peace of mind.

Advantages of our portable power distribution centres and switchrooms include:

  • Significant reductions in labour, materials transport and storage costs,compared with building on-site.
  • Time savings, resulting from less travel and no interference from weather or other extraneous elements during the construction and fit-out stages.
  • Superior quality control, which arises from working in a carefully controlled environment.
  • The ability to move and re-site the distribution centre in the future,which is particularly beneficial for industries such as mining where the work site moves over time.

For more information on EIS’ portable power distribution centres and switchrooms, download our brochure.