Robots & Automation

As technology continues to improve, more and more businesses are relying on robotics for their business operations.

The advantages of introducing robotics into an industrial operation can include increased efficiencies, decreased ongoing operating costs and reduced health and safety risks.

EIS has extensive experience in designing, installing and commissioning complex robotic systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our services include:

Machine automation and process control systems

  • Complete solutions, from design and functional description development, to hardware and software supply and programming, testing and commissioning
  • Process instrumentation, from simple digital devices to fully automated online analytical instruments as used in dairy factories and waste water treatment plants
  • Consulting to determine the optimal solutions for industrial applications, including redesign of conveying, pipework or control systems

Robotics and vision systems

  • Integration, programming and commissioning of complex robotic systems designed specifically for each client’s requirements
  • Utilisation of vision systems for a range of applications, from product quality checks to detection of orientation and position for robotic integration